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Somoloco Salsa Immersion

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Dear Somoloco Salsa Familia,   I don't think I've expressed this publicly, so here it goes:  White, Indian, and Asian men and women: you know how people like to say that we lack flavor and can't dance? That only Latinos and people of African descent can be that way? And that somehow they are inherently more joyous and affectionate? I know it well myself, I've been hearing it my whole life and even used to say it myself.  Well I'm here to tell you THAT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. (its also

Dearest Somoloco Salsa Community,We've been a bit radio silent as of late as we've been tracking the COVID situation here in Colombia as well as internationally.  Just when we thought we were in the clear in April/May, COVID variants are abound including our own homegrown Colombian variant.  As much as we would have loved to host public immersions this time of year, particularly during the amazing Flower Festival (Feria de las flores), with the recent spikes in June it just hasn't felt right yet to be promoting a

Want to take salsa classes in Medellin, or elsewhere in Colombia – South America’s vibrant salsa capital? The first thing to decide is what type of salsa you want to learn. “Salsa” is, in fact, a very broad term. In 1960s New York, musicians playing a wide range of high-energy latin rhythms would cry out “salsaaa!” to the crowd to signal: bring the spice; crank up the heat on the dance floor. The name stuck, but remains quite general, encompassing 4 major global styles: On-1, Cuban, Colombian and On-2.The

If you’ve got a few salsa lessons in Medellin under your belt, and you’re ready to shake it in one of Colombia’s legendary dance clubs, we’ve got great news. As a leader or follower, you can walk into pretty much any salsa bar in Colombia, invite a complete stranger to dance — and odds are, they’ll smile and shimmy out onto the floor with you. In Colombia, part of salsa culture is saying yes to a first dance as much as possible. Sound shockingly non-awkward, easy and fun? It is.

When night falls over Colombian cities of Medellin and Cali, the city lights up with salsa — a palpable electric current that animates and unifies this twinkling city nestled in the jungle. More than deserving of its title as the global salsa capital, the city lives, breathes, and dances salsa like nowhere else on earth — to its own distinct rhythm: Colombian salsa.  Completely unique from the other 3 major global salsa styles (On-1, On-2, and Cuban Salsa), Colombian style salsa (aka Salsa Caleña) is all about moving your

You've just bought a pack of hours for private salsa classes. Congratulations!  Now you must be wondering -- what should I expect? And more importantly, how should I prepare? We've put together a list of 5 things to remember before you salsa class in Medellin, or wherever you are in the world! Brought to you by our crew of Medellin salsa dancers in Colombia

Are you trying to find the best places to dance in Medellin? We got you covered! We've put together an up-to-date list of the best places to dance in Medellin, Tuesday through Saturday. To make this list, we considered which places have the best: 1: Music 2: Dancers  3: Social Experience 4: Space/Dance Floor 5: Overall Friendly Vibe

We love sharing our salsero culture. And it starts with the music. The music makes us feel alive, happy, free, and at home all at the same time. We came together as a community to put together our Top 10 Salsa Songs for you to feel the joy of latin flavor. (We know there are too many great salsa songs to choose from. And even too many definitions of what it even means to be considered a salsa song.  We decided to take a broad view on what is salsa,

Dancing salsa rocks. Obviously. Thats why we at Somoloco Salsa Immersion put our heads together and decided to list our Top 5 Salsa Videos! Now in between your salsa classes you can get inspiration from dancers from all over the world.  #5: Terry, come give salsa classes in Medellin. France is home to a vibrant latin dance scene, with some of the top salsa, bachata, and kizomba dancers in Europe calling Paris home. We LOVE the smooth moves of Terry & Amely -- they make dancing great look so effortless.  One day,

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